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Joan Martinez-Alier

Joan Martinez-Alier

Joan Martinez-Alier has been since 1975 Professor in the Department of Economics and Economic History in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in Spain. Over the last quarter of a century he has become recognized as Europe's foremost student and spokesman of the new field of "ecological economics." In 1987 he joined with international colleagues from around the world and became a founding member of the International Society for Ecological Economics.

Professor Martinez-Alier has had extensive international experience in a wide variety of educational institutions around the world. From 1990 onwards Professor Martinez-Alier served as the Editor of the journal, Ecologia Politica (Barcelona). His publications are numerous and in English include: Labourers and Landowners in Southern Spain (London, 1971), Haciendas, Plantations and Collective Farms (Cuba and Peru) (London 1977), Ecological economics: energy, environment and society (Oxford, 1987), with Ramachandra Guha -- India's leading environmental historian, Varieties of environmentalism: Essays North and South. (London, 1997) (See Absract and Summary of this important work) and The Environmentalism of the Poor: A Study of Ecological Conflicts and Valuation (October 2003). In addition, Professor Martinez-Alier is the author of the article on Ecological Economics in the the International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences. His current research focusses on ecological economics and languages of valuation, political ecology, environmental justice and the environmentalism of the poor.

List of publications: http://eco2bcn.es/?q=node/39