Environmental Conflicts

Summer School 2012

Wednesday, Mar 22nd

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Giacomo Dalisa

Giacomo Dalisa

Giacomo holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Technologies for Sustainable Development from the University di Foggia (Italy). He is a visiting researcher at the Institute of Science and Environmental Technology (ICTA) of Autonomous University Barcelona (UAB) in Spain. He is also a research fellow in the same institution. He is part of the CLICO project (http://clico.org/), studying one of the eleven case studies where droughts or floods pose threats to human security. His previous works focused on water and waste resources after spending some years as an activist in Naples campaigning against the privatization of water and for a better management of waste in the Campania Region (Italy). He is also part of a Barcelona group exploring the idea of de-growth, i.e. a smooth socio-economic downscaling to a sustainable future.


List of publications: http://www.eco2bcn.es/?q=node/46