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Wednesday, Mar 22nd

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Christos Zografos

Christos Zografos


Christos Zografos is currently the Scientific Coordinator for the FP7 research project 'Climate change, hydro-conflicts and human security' (CLICO) that studies security, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change-related water disasters (e.g. droughts and floods). He is a Visiting Lecturer for masters programmes at the University of Edinburgh (UK) and Masaryk University (Czech Republic). Prior to his current post, he has been working for the Scottish Agricultural College in Edinburgh as a Researcher in Environmental Economics. Christos' research looks at environmental governance and change, focusing on the application of political ecology for studying power and the politics of environmental conflict and change, as well as on ecological economics exploring the relevance of plural values and deliberative democracy for sustainability decision-making. He has a PhD in Environmental Sciences (UAB), a Master of Advanced Studies in History & Economic Institutions (UAB), an MSc in Ecological Economics (University of Edinburgh) and a BA in Business Administration (Athens University of Economics & Business). He is the main editor of an Oxford University Press (Delhi) book in 'Deliberative Ecological Economics', a Lead Author of one of the chapters of 'The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity' (TEEB) report, and has published a dozen of articles on environmental social science in international peer-reviewed journals including Environmental Science and Policy, Environment & Planning A, and the Journal of Rural Studies.


List of publications: http://www.eco2bcn.es/?q=node/49